Macaw Backpack




 Complete system; independent of hoses or other umbilical support

Compatible with a wide range of air cylinders (7.25” (18 cm) diameter or less)

Front view pressure gauge to check cylinder pressure

On-demand foam expansion control

Pistol grip trigger with lockable action handset for point and shoot activation

Adjustable harness for variable fit and load distribution with comfortable, ergonomic fit

45 minute cylinder empties 5 gal. (19 L) tank up to 4 times

Dependable performance, high-quality construction and components


Portability: The Macaw is a truly independent portable foam system that has the fire fighting capability of a small fire truck (1000 liter) in a one man backpack profile.

 Safe to Use: The Foam system is safe to use on electric/electronic devices such as computers and its peripheral devices.

 The fluid tank is not pressurized, thus it will not burst when damaged. The carbon fiber wrapped cylinders used with the Macaw are rated and approved by the US Military based on very stringent safety tests; these cylinders can take a so-called “tumbling .50 caliber shell” which will simply deflate the cylinder without any explosion or shrapnel.

 Zero Wastage: Unlike conventional chemical fire extinguishers, the foam concentrate will not require yearly replacement. The concentrate can be stored indefinitely until mixed with water. In which case, the foam solution can be stored for 6 months without losing its potency.

 Multi-Purpose: The Macaw can be used for Firefighting, Decontamination and Hazardous Materials clean-up. The internal components of the Macaw have undergone specific material compatibility testing by US government agencies to make sure they can withstand the often caustic formulas used for hazmat cleanup and decontamination.

 Extended Runtime: The Macaw runs 2.5 minutes in CAFS mode before emptying the 19 liter tank.

 Field Refillable: The Fluid Tank is not pressurized such that it can be refilled on the field. One Air cylinder fill will empty the Macaw 3-4 times. When the air cylinder is emptied, it can be replaced with another one which will allow another 3-4 fluid refills.

 Reliability: The Macaw was designed for simplicity and ruggedness. The US forces are using thousands of Macaws in theatre in Iraq for fire suppression. The fact that the units are holding up in an environment as relentless as the Middle Eastern desert for multiple years now, speaks for itself.


Liquid Capacity:                           5 gal. (19 L)

Operating Pressure:                      100 psi (6.9 BAR)

Projection Distance:                      Up to 35’ (11 m)*

Foam Expansion:                         Up to 70:1*

System Weight Dry (w/o cylinder): 18lb (8 kg)

System Weight Full (w/o cylinder): 60lb** (27 kg)

Hose (discharge):                        5’ (1.5 m), 3/4“ (2 cm) diameter

Nozzle:                                      Intelagard Smooth Bore

System Dimensions:                     21.3” (54 cm) H x 15.9” (40 cm) W x 11.3” (29 cm) D